***The Authority Office will open on November 6, 2017, at the new location that is located at 601 Market Street.*** .

*2017 CCR is now available

* Next Regular Meeting April 16, 2019

* You can now pay your Water and Sewage Bills Online !

Johnsonburg Municipal Authority

*The Board decided that as of March 19,2019, the Authority will file municipal liens against customer’s that have outstanding bills. Before said date, customers can arrange a payment plan which would consist of arrearage payments of 10% over 10 months plus the current charges. If a payment plan is set up to satisfy the arrearages, a lien will not be filed.  

*If customers are one month behind in payment then the Authority will need to send out shut-off notices to customers.   Customer’s that have delinquent accounts are asked to contact the Authority at their earliest convenience to discuss payment options.

***The location has changed for all future Johnsonburg Municipal Authority Board meetings.  The location has changed from the Borough Building, at 100 Main Street, Johnsonburg, PA 15845, to the Municipal Authority office, at 601 Market Street, Johnsonburg, PA 15845.

*The Johnsonburg Municipal Authority will be starting a meter replacement program effective
May 1, 2019, in the Dill Hill, Deckertown and some of the West End Sections of town.  The hours of installation will be Monday through
Friday, 8:00am till 2:00 pm.  Please be aware that workers will be going door to door during this
time.  Residents can call the office to make an appointment starting April 22nd.